About Us

My 12 year daughter Bella and I created this boutique to accomplish two dreams of ours; owning a small business and to help save the world, even in small gestures.  You can say that I am the "dreamer" and my daughter is the "doer". For the last six years, she has heard me talking about running an online-boutique and wanting to give to charities in the biggest way possible. One day last year, she asked me, "why don't you?" I was stumped. I had all these excuses, "it cost too much", "I don't have time right now", "My job is to raise you, your brother and sister", "I don't know anything about building a website for a store." So that same afternoon, in 30 minutes, she found a site and took notes on how to build your own on-line store website. She went as far as to volunteer herself to help save up to buy the products. I was amazed what this little 11 year old girl can accomplish in 30 minutes!" I had no more excuses! So here we are...

Our Vision: To help save and change the lives of those who are voiceless and choiceless.  To give them hope. We ALWAYS donate 10% of proceeds from every single product purchased through you. (Our 2017 goal is to increase to a much higher percentage). The store carries wonderful quality products that every woman (busy young adult, busy stay at home mamas, or busy working mamas) can use and enjoy.  Many of these products are created by amazing talented women.  

Please browse, buy and help Give Humanity Hope! Happy Shopping and Thank you!!!


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke