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Our Vision



If Humanity can give each passer-by, a "Honi Honi," judgement would be one less-T4H


Treasures 4 Humanity (T4H)  is not only an online boutique but a passion, a vision, and a brand that represents a purpose. Our purpose is philanthropy. 

Our Passion and Purpose is to make this world a better place...Treasures 4 Humanity will AWAYS donate 10% of net profit from every single product, purchased through you! Our goal is to increase to a much higher percentage in 2017. These are the charities we have chosen to donate to: www.strongagainstcancer.org, www.polarisproject.org, and www.jdrf.org

We also strive to promote small business owners. And in doing so, we are able to provide you with amazing little finds for the very busy woman.  Quality and beautiful products are a must in our boutique. We find that when we look into small business owners who crafted something unique for themselves, the products are much more taken care of.  This is because they have put their passion, heart and soul into these products.

We are so pleased to be able to carry the handcrafted, made to order, products in our "Spa Luxuries".  The body scrubs, bath salts, lotion bars and body creams are made from the most natural ingredients, ALL from Hawaii!  They contain organic coconut oils which are centrifuged (made from the milk of the coconut; making it faster absorption into the skin) and unrefined organic sugars.  Then there are the bar soaps.  Both appealing and scrumptious to the eyes and nose, they are made locally in Washington state. You can see the perfection in craftsmenship in these bar soaps just by the way they look and smell.  From the ingredients, scents, to the last sprinkle of gold dust, this combination is sought out by a talented lady who stands by her products 110%.  Our "swim wear" collection is through a very talented young entrepreneur in Oregon, who created and designed her own swim wear line. It is made with  superb quality in material and the most desirable designs you can find! 

We hope that you will join our Passion and Purpose... Please browse, buy and help change the lives of others in the most amazing ways. Give Humanity Hope! Happy Shopping and Thank you!!!


Special thanks to these talented ladies who crafted the treasures carried in our boutique. We are grateful that we are able to share them with you! Thank you; Sarah Sweet Scrubs (body scrubs, bath salts, and Body Creams), RainCityWorks (bar soaps), KaiNoa (swim wear).